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Zoom is a very popular video conferencing app that allows you to interact with co-workers or employers when in-person meetings are not possible. You can schedule your meetings, webinars, and group video conferences. Errors are always frustrating and they can halt your important meetings and create disturbance in your work. I can understand this very well as I too had the same problem so I and my team thought to give this solution of Zoom Error Code 5003.

Zoom is constantly delivering all the things that you need for a splendid video conferencing. While using any software, commonly, you face some errors. I know zoom is nowadays quite frustrating and the most common error these days which is mostly faced by a lot of people is Zoom Error Code 5003, 5000, 5004

What Is Zoom Error Code 5003, 5004, 5000

 Zoom Error Code 5003, 5000, 5004

The Zoom API uses the HTTP Status codes to mirror a successful or unsuccessful request. 2XX status codes speak to an effective request, 4XX/5XX status codes speak to a mistake that occurred. If you get a zoom error code 5003, check the body for an error code and message.

Cause of Zoom Error Code 5003, 5000, 5004

 Zoom Error Code 5003, 5000, 5004

The reason for this can be using any firewall or proxy, antiviruses software such as McAfee Web Protection or AVG, or you might have a corrupt wireless driver. Whatever the reason don’t worry I am there for you and in this article, I have given the solution for Zoom Error Code 5003, 5000, 5004 in detail.

I have covered all the possible reasons for your Zoom Error Code 5003, 5000, 5004. The reasons that we predicted while having this issue might work for you. We too had the same issue and we tried many things and finally, after a lot of research and with all our efforts we have to come to the conclusion of the possible reasons for zoom error 5000.

Network Firewall Or Proxy (Zoom Error Code 5003,5000,5004)

I know you are not a tech person so all these things are new for you but don’t worry let me explain a little about a proxy firewall.

A proxy firewall is used to protect a user against malicious content using a firewall that hides the user’s real IP address and location as a proxy. Since zoom is a video conferencing app that will use a webcam to work so because of that the firewall takes immediate action and blocks access.

If you are using your mobile or laptop somewhere where there are some restrictions for network access, in that case, you should try to solve this by contacting the owner to check the proxy settings and whitelist the zoom app.

Zoom has some protocols that you can restrict you to access but zoom recommends grant from all the proxy.

AVG Issue (Zoom Error Code 5003,5000,5004)

Avg is an antivirus that might be installed on your device or you are using anti-virus software such as McAfee Web Protection. Using such antiviruses also blocks the connectivity of zoom. 

The antiviruses’ job is to protect your pc from taking any troublesome action and they proved itself efficient too by blocking the actions, in your case blocking zoom access. Disable the service and then try it again.

ISP Issue (Zoom Error Code 5003,5000,5004)

Check with your Internet Service Provider to see that you can interface with the Zoom administration. When you join a meeting or online class on a zoom app using Internet Explorer, there is a high possibility that you might end up getting Zoom Error Code 5003, 5000, 5004

Do the following steps to recover this error:

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Select “Web Options” under the “Devices” menu

3. Select the “Security” tab

4. Select “Trusted Sites”

5. Select the next option “Custom Level”

6. Select Enable for page 15 of 15.

7. Click on the ok option.

Add zoom.us to the trusted with the help of following steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Select the “Internet Options” under the tools menu

3. Next, select the “Security” tab

4. Then select the “Trusted Sites”

5. Now, select “Sites”

6. Type “zoom.us” under “Add this site to the zone” and click on the add option.

7. Select the option close and click on the ok option to save the changes.

Corrupted Wireless Driver (Zoom Error Code 5003,5000,5004)

The last reason for Zoom Error Code 5003, 5000, 5004 can be the corrupted wireless driver.

When a driver is corrupted, the device that it controls also becomes inaccessible. It is necessary to fix a corrupt driver as soon as it is detected to prevent your computer from malfunctioning.

1. Press WINDOWS + X

2. Click on “Device Manager”

3. Click on “Network adapter”

4. Right-click on your network wifi adapter

5. Click on “Uninstall Device”

Then perform a disk cleanup :

1. Open “File Explorer”

2. Click on “This PC”

3. Right-click on “C:”

4. Click on “Properties”

5. Click on “Clean-up disk”

6. Click on “Clean up system files”

7. Select every option in the list, but not “Download”

8. Click on “OK”

After that, you’ll see that your network adapter is no longer on the list. You have to reinstall it again. Follow the steps below to reinstall.

  1. Go back to the “Device Manager.”
  2. Then select “Network Adapters” followed by “Action.”
  3. Select “Scan for hardware changes.”
  4. Click on “Network Adapters” again.

As soon as you download your wifi adapter icon will start showing again that means you have successfully installed.

Zoom Error Code 5003, 5000, 5004 Fixed

If you have faced any of the above issues then all those solutions will work for you. These errors can make you feel tetchy. A few days back there was a Zoom Error Code 103 occurred and we have given the solution for that as well. You can also suggest your friends or your acquaintance check out if they faced the same error. 

All these Zoom Error Code 5003, 5000, 5004 are coming because of using any firewall or proxy, antiviruses software such as McAfee Web Protection or AVG, or you might have a corrupt wireless driver. 

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