Zoom Error Code 105

Zoom is a very popular video conferencing app that allows you to interact with co-workers or employers when in-person meetings are not possible. You can schedule your meetings, webinars, and group video conferences. Many security issues are issues going with zoom and because of that, you are getting many errors. 

The most recent zoom error that occurred during these days is Zoom Error Code 105. If you are also one of them who is facing issues, this article will help you to fix your Zoom Error Code 105 problem.

What is Zoom Error Code 105

Zoom Error Code 105-a DNS resolution error. – this means the DNS lookup has failed. The DNS server was not able to resolve Domain name from the IP address of the website. There are many big websites like the steam website which have also faced this Error 105. It will show something like this.

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How To Fix Zoom Error Code 105

Method 1 

Clear Browsing Cache

Select Cntrl+H. This will show you something like this.

oE8R6EtblyUQ31JkqZVcLKZ1BI 9ZBPbv8wkioufKQi6xauoMQOCnmnnVkb8Fa7SWXW 6My6XcNeZouiHa0FKrzCjvO gUaU6RlHrHMmIawqSmv SEbAqXt79YvSZZ0gFa0V0O I

Now Click On Clear Browsing Data

b6mi5fAo0RDGECi2admh o0x GvmEzFjrKFBk 8uiy TaPlzE2fcjTqoKaFuyO3MXN4bKBj24t DG0VqvPWZQpaygRX3mU9kFRLIZOHAk2JEL5j6vTys6mpnGjMp1i5ZkDY007iq

Make sure you have ticked all the above options and then click on clear browsing data. 

After that, restart your pc.

Method 2


Open your control panel and go to the network and internet and open the network and sharing center.

9iImX1hKApozbXOxBiZeynAHsLgswvQvl8QExptYvWhfNBseUYfJKQ99ImqoWX5ITQkJHQKPhRyHWfFQLpVLDHFBlhS3HxMTy5jX2Lotq ARF0Debv6oAWpIM

Now click on properties by right-clicking on the current active adapter connection

YwOybPjl NqiOw8QFdMkF6ux1fKzJlX9rd6fEL3fICfFAcG7 DNduQMq0v4FOR5wKnjIzQuWXNrrl6FnADQdON1E0NzQwHbC5g39jctpK2EyFY Jh0JM7YV0Ca3D VJTtrFdU9sX

After you open the properties window, select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click “Properties”

1bbwyxD pdc1KJuWLeb7AG4RF0ti5Mlcy f gifVW6b4HBkWv3eJaw2HJOr3f1sgu wH Np8rCh 8I4FpOKPQwNDzA3BtTEN05XAJ4czoB7Xir yeMMBjA5qMwDm4PnlA2ySrA61

The Last Step is to type your as your new DNS. Then click OK.


If you have faced any of the above issues then all those solutions will work for you. These errors can make you feel tetchy. I have faced the same issue so I thought to write this article. This will help you to solve Zoom Error Code 105.

If you are facing any other issue you can visit the official website of zoom. Please comment below if you have faced any error and all these solutions worked or not.

I hope This will help you!

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