YouTube Tv Error Code 3 | Trouble Watching? Easy Solutions

This article is about a serious issue that has been cropping up over the last few years – YouTube TV error code 3. This error might mean the inability to watch any scripted content, or your favorite talk show might not work anymore. There is no lack of options on who can try and help you fix this error.

YouTube Tv Error Code 3

YouTube Tv Error Code 3 | What is this Error?

There is widespread access to smartphones and the internet all over the world. We’re a content-hungry world with room for all sorts of content. The internet is an app that makes the world accessible. There is no dearth to the number of streaming platforms on the internet, although the content may not be as expansive as desired. YouTube is the mother of all streaming platforms and the most popular one. 

YouTube Tv Error Code 3

For people who like live TV, YouTube provides you with some of the best channels for streaming and a user base from all over the world. Watching TV might be a favorite pass time for many but gone are the days of watching TV in traditional ways. E.g., cable tv. People are now watching YouTube TV more than they watch cable TV, and the number of users is slated to grow in the coming years. 

YouTube is a relatively problem-free app; however, like all things on earth, sometimes it does run into problems, and errors occur while it is being run. Lately, many users have been complaining about getting “YouTube TV Error code 3”. Lets see how to solve it in help at your fingertip.

How to Fix YouTube Tv Error Code 3

These steps here might help fix your problem if you are facing such an issue. 

  • Shut down and relaunch the YouTube TV app: If your app is showing this error, the first thing to try is to shut down and relaunch your YouTube TV app. A lot of times, this will fix the problem automatically.
  • Server issue: It could also be that the reason you are getting this error is that the server is down. Either from your internet service provider or YouTube TV app server. If that is the case, there isn’t much you can do except wait until the issue gets fixed and the server runs smoothly. 
YouTube Tv Error Code 3
  • Stable internet: You need stable internet for the smooth functioning of the app. Frequency overlap or limited wi-fi channels cause congestion in the traffic. Factors like gloomy weather, heavy rain, and wind all play spoilsport. Ensure that your internet is stable. If you want to detect an unstable, you must download wi-fi Analyzer and run the app. 
  • Download>Install> Windows Search (Windows key + S) > Wi-Fi Analyzer> Analyse. The tool will detect your wi-fi signal strength.
  • After all these steps, you can reboot the TV if the issue is ongoing. 
  • You can also unplug the cables and wait a few minutes before trying to switch it back on.
  • Multiple apps: If other apps are running simultaneously with YouTube TV, try closing those apps. For example, Netflix or other streaming apps. 
  • Multiple devices: You might be facing the error because you are streaming YouTube TV on more than three devices. E.g., Your TV, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. 
  • Compatibility issue: Check for device compatibility.
  • Uninstall and re-install: You may try uninstalling and re-installing your app if the problem persists.
  • Your device might be facing some cache overload. You may try going to Settings>Apps>YouTube TV>Storage>Clear cache and see if the issue is resolved or not.

For Android TV models

YouTube Tv Error Code 3

Try initializing the YouTube app. This may solve the issue. 

  • Press the HOME button on the remote control
  • Settings
  • Select Apps under the TV category
  • YouTube.
  • Choose Clear data, and then OK.
  • Choose Clear cache, and then OK.
  • Choose Force stop.
  • Try opening YouTube from the Home screen.
  • If the issue persists, try the power reset on the TV.

Other LCD/LED TV Models

You might have to check your TV manual if you prefer model-specific troubleshooting steps. For newer models (2015 and above):

  • Press the HOME button.
  • Settings.
  • The Customer Support option needs to be chosen.
  • Scroll down till you find and select Initialize Personal Information.
  • Choose OK.
  • Perform Refresh Internet Content if the issue still lingers

Models released In 2013 Or 2014:

  • HOME button.
  • Choose Applications or All Apps.
  • Run Internet Browser.
  • Choose the Options button and select Browser settings.
  • Clear Cache and Delete All Cookies/Clear Cookies
  • Perform a power reset on the TV if the issue persists.


Q.1 Is YouTube TV Error code 3 common?

Yes, it is a pretty common and easily solvable issue.

Q.2 Are the troubleshooting steps TV model specific?

Although some steps are similar, you can refer to the TV model-specific instruction model

Q.3 Can this error be caused due to cache overload?

Absolutely. To resolve the error caused by the cache overload issue, go to Settings>Apps>YouTube TV>Storage>Clear cache and see if the issue is resolved or not.

Q.4 Is it better to go with YouTube TV rather than traditional cable TV?

While there are still many users for cable TV, more users are choosing to go with YouTube TV. One reason is the sheer number of programs and streaming options available. 

Q.5 Is YouTube TV Error code 3 caused by Server issues?

Yes, server issues may be what causes this error. 


With the ease of usage and the number of good programs available, YouTube TV is a popular choice among many. It is natural that you will encounter problems while using digital and electronic devices. The digital era calls for us to be tech sufficient to a certain extent. These steps above will help you resolve YouTube TV Error code 3 in case you face it. 

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