Top 5 Apps To Spy On Your Spouse Phone

Top 5 Apps To Spy On Your Spouse Phone

Trust is said to be the strongest pillar of any relationship. But, if you find it difficult to trust your partner and you think that misunderstandings created by your partner cannot be cleared through dialogue now. So, you have come to the right place. This comprehensive article will help you to know whether your doubts on your partner are right or not.

In this article, I will tell you about the Top 5 apps to spy on your spouse’s phone that will help you in solving your mystery of doubts. Social Media has been playing a major role today in creating problems in the relationships. By keeping a record of what the other person does on the phone will help you in clearing your misunderstandings or confusion about them.

So, let us know directly move to the details of the applications you need to install on your partner’s mobile phone –

1. MSpy (Top 5 apps to spy on your spouse)

apps to spy on your spouse phone

MSpy is one of the best apps to spy on your spouse phone and you can keep track of the other person’s activities on his phone without his prior knowledge. It does wonderful work in monitoring the calls, messages, and other activities the user does on his/her phone. It was launched as a product for monitoring by London-based Company in 2010. Since it consumes very little battery the chances of the person knowing its presence on the phone is very less.

It provides you with very easy access to your partner’s phone and helps you in tracking all of his/her phone activities. So, all in all, it may be the application you are looking for and may prove to be very helpful for your relationship.

Let us talk about its features in details:

  • Call Details: It will help you in giving details about each call made or received by the person, the phone number, and the duration of the call.
  • Checks Messaging Apps: It helps you in reviewing conversations carried out by the most popular messaging/chatting applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, etc. It also includes chat photos.
  • Location Tracking: You can keep track of the location of the person, the places being visited on a detailed map. You can mark the location for which you want an alert when the person is passing by there.
  • Checks SMS Messages: It lets you view all the messages sent and delivered to the person, also in the case, if it is deleted.
  • Reviews Browsing History: It tells you about every site visited by the person on the browser, the site which is bookmarked like everything about it.
  • Checks Photos & Videos: It lets you view all the photos and videos on the user phone, even if it is not shared anywhere.

How to install MSpy?

  • Purchase an MSpy subscription.
  • Download the app.
  • Install it on the android.
  • Register and use.

2. XNSpy (Top 5 apps to spy on your spouse)

apps to spy on your spouse phone

XNSpy is also one of the most popular apps to spy on your spouse‘s phone. Initially, it was designed to keep a track of the employee’s phone to see whether they are working properly or not. But, it can be easily used to keep track of your partner’s activities too. You can keep an eye on them easily and efficiently through this application. It will provide you the complete details of what things they are using on their mobile phones.

let us talk about its features:

  • Phone Calls Complete Details: It helps you to keep a record of the calls your partner is attending and you can know about every call of them. It also tells us about the contacts saved on the phone.
  • Chat Details: You can know about the kind of messages being sent by your partner to someone. This application tells you about all messages send and received.
  • Review all the Emails & Online Activities: It gives information about the sites visited on the other person’s mobile phone. The sites being bookmarked, it tells you everything about it. Also, it let you review the emails of your partner.
  • Control on Phone: You can remotely control all the activities on the phone without the knowledge of the other person. It helps you in controlling the target phone.

How To Install XnSpy

  • Purchase the paid subscription.
  • Download it by the URL sent on your email.
  • After downloading, open the file and install it.
  • Allow & enable all of its functions.
  • Start monitoring.

3. iKeymonitor (Top 5 apps to spy on your spouse)

apps to spy on your spouse phone

This is also one of those applications that help in monitoring what the other person does on their phones and can it is one of the best apps to spy on your spouse phone. It is an application that is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. With the high security on Apple, the iPhone does not allow access to its data but with this application, you can crack and enter into its system and know everything done on your spouse’s phone.

Let us talk about its feature:

  • Chat Monitoring: It monitors and gives information about the messages on the phone. You can easily review the messages sent and received on the phone of your partner.
  • Call Recording: You can easily record the calls by this application and can listen to it. It helps you in knowing about what the other person is talking about. It has a built-in call recorder.
  • Location Tracking: It tells you about the location of the person. You can easily locate them with its GPS location tracking feature.
  • Phone Control: You can control the other person’s phone by blocking applications on it.

How to install iKeymonitor?

  • Log in to the Online Cloud Panel.
  • Download-iKeymonitor Android/iPhone
  • Follow the guidelines and then install it on your system.

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4. Highstermobile (Top 5 apps to spy on your spouse)

apps to spy on your spouse phone

Highster mobile also with its great features and the services it provides is thought to be one of the best apps to spy on your spouse phone. It can be easily used to know about every single detail of your spouse’s phone. From call recordings to stealth cameras there are many features that you will like and it will help you in clearing your doubts or knowing about the activities done by your partner on their phone.

Let us talk about its features:

  • Messages and calls: It tells you about every call details and duration. Every detail about the messages is stored even if the message is deleted by the user.
  • Access to live control panel: This allows you to dynamically access all the controls related to your spouse’s phone. It makes controlling the phone much easier.
  • Multimedia: It helps you in viewing all the photos and videos sent and received on the phone. The photos and videos are recorded and are easily accessible.
  • Stealth Camera: it helps you in clicking the images of the surroundings once you initiate it.

How to install Highstermobile?

  • Buy the paid package.
  • Download & Install the app.
  • Enter the phone number of the phone you want to monitor.
  • Activate it by entering the license key which you got after buying the package.
  • Now, easily access the application.

5. Mobistealth (Top 5 apps to spy on your spouse)

apps to spy on your spouse phone

In this list of applications, you can also add this application which is only very good in its services and it will help you in monitoring the activities of your spouse. Using this application, maybe you can get all the answers to your confusion or misunderstandings you have about your partner. It is going to help you in knowing the truth about your partner’s phone.

Let us move to its features:

  • Monitor Chat Messages: This application also helps you in reading the chats and messages sent or received on your partner’s phone. It works for all messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, and Skype.
  • Location Tracking: With the feature of its location tracking, you can know about each location visited by your spouse.
  • Surround Recordings: It records the target phone’s surroundings and you can view it afterward or any time you want.

How To Install Mobistealth

  • You need to sign up and purchase the package according to your needs.
  • After that, you need to connect it with the target phone.
  • Start monitoring.

I have discussed the top 5 apps to spy on your spouse phone. If you have any queries regarding any app. Please comment below and we will give you a reply within 24 hours. We will be more pleased to see your reviews. We give our best to bring factual information.

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