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You might have heard about John Crestani that’s why you are here because in this comprehensive article I am going to give you the review of his best program that is Super Affiliate System which will help you to make money.

John Crestani launched Super Affiliate System in 2015 but I want to tell you that you might be thinking that since it was launched in 2015, it is outdated but it is not like that. John is continuously updating his program so that he can give you the best value.

So are you planning to make passive income? Having a dream to make money while you sleep?

You want freedom in your life. Everything is possible on this earth but what most important is the willingness of you to work hard every single day and put all your efforts to achieve success in your life. 

Super Affiliate system

The program is for those who want to earn from affiliate marketing and also for those who are into affiliate marketing and want to polish their skills.

What is the Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System is a training course taught by John Crestani. He teaches beginners how to get started with affiliate marketing. The program covers 120+ hours of fundamental marketing training to make money with advertising networks and also which comes with all the ads, creatives, sales copies, landing pages, coupons for affiliate networks, and weekly training.

What Super Affiliate System is All About
Super Affiliate System 3.0

Super Affiliate System Modules 

  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Native ads
  • Youtube ads
  • Social ads
  • Content creation
  • Website creation
  • Niche selection
  • Affiliate networks
  • Scaling
  • Click funnels
  • Tracking and testing
  • Advanced strategies

The module that you see is quite long but I told you that it is a program in depth that will not only cover the basics but also the advanced techniques as well which will help you to generate high revenue from affiliate marketing. I will cover each and everything on this course so that you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Vs 3.0

I want to tell you this article was written when he launched 2.0 but we have also given the review of 2.0. The reason for this is because you will also get this as a giveaway. In the last section, we have updated the article and we have also given the review of 3.0.

Let’s break every topic and see what’s there in it. The program is of 6 weeks which is 50 hours long training and that is what I feel like is the great thing about the Super Affiliate System.

He is also giving free training if you are interested then you can see that too.

 Here is a complete overview of what you’ll be learning in each of the 6 weeks of training:


Here is the First Week Module

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Before starting any work you need to know the complete process of how the system works. Keeping this in mind, John has first explained how the system works. He will also tell you two ways to use his pre-built funnels (as mentioned earlier on):

1.The Clickfunnels Method ($19/m via a share funnel account)

1.The Manual Method (free, but involves accessing your host’s file manage

 He has also covered how to join any affiliate network and also how to set up a website. This is just awesome because from my personal experience I am telling you that he has covered all the basics.

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Google Adwords is one of the most popular for paid traffic. He kept this in his mind and he covered the basics of Google AdWords.

Some of the things that he covered in Google Adwords.

  • How to set up a keyword search based campaign
  • Location targeting
  • Device targeting
  • Ad split testing

Some of the things that he has not covered in Google Adwords.

  • Keyword match type explanation (Broad Match, Broad Match Modified, Phrase, & Exact Match)
  • Auto-bid vs. Manual Bidding settings
  • Negative keyword explanation

He has not covered this. This might have improved little because all these things are also important. But as I told you he is upgrading his course timely, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

What is the best thing about this module is that he covered google Conversion tracking and that made this course to the next level.

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People love video content and also it is getting more popular day by day. Youtube is the platform where millions of people have made videos to promote their products. He covered almost everything for youtube setup and if you own a youtube channel then it will be easier for you to catch the things.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a youtube channel because he is going to help you to create your first youtube channel.


This module covers Facebook ads which is highly profitable from the last few years as billions of people are on Facebook. You just need to target your potential customers and that is only possible through Facebook ads. Some great people have also shared their values with whom John worked and trained in the past. He will tell you about copywriting which is the most important thing of affiliate marketing because without copywriting skills you won’t be able to make good landing pages.

Since all videos are just to teach you how to start with copywriting but I want to tell you from my personal experience that copywriting is not a skill that you can learn in a day. It needs a lot of practice and I am sure you got my point because practice makes the man perfect.

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This one is quite interesting because you cannot get the leads with direct links and here comes the role of the preselling page. A presell page is a page where your visitor will go before the actual product. From this, you can think about how important it is to make a presell page.

He has also covered how to make presell pages with click funnels and also taught about the mistakes that many make while making presell pages. He kept in mind how to split test presell pages and other optimization tactics which makes this module most important.

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Having a niche while doing affiliate marketing is very important because you cannot work on multi niches at once. In this module, he has discussed how to select your niche and even micro-niche also. You might have heard about ClickBank, all affiliates are not the same as ClickBank or I can say directly as Clickbank. It is a good option for beginners but not for everybody. He has discussed many more affiliate programs apart from Clickbank. 

Till now we have seen in the previous modules that he was more focusing on advertisement platforms but with this last lesson he completed the left portion as well

We have discussed all the modules but I want to tell you one thing that this course is having more depth once you will see it practically. I have tried to cover all the things about this course. What I can see is that the price of this course is quite high but it is said that this course is a one-time investment and once you will learn the skills with this course you can make thousands of dollars and that is 100% true. 

Many people have taken this course and even generated thousands of revenue with this course. Let us see some of the success stories from this course

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Free Giveaways of Super Affiliate System

You will get free access to John Crestani Free Traffic Training Course, Internet Jetset (normally $47.00 per month) as a member. 


  •  affiliate Ad Swipes – You will get a proven copy for the platforms covered in the course that will help you to get a complete idea of the complete process
  • An Affiliate Network List beyond Clickbank – I have discussed already in the article. There are many other affiliate programs apart from Clickbank
  • An Advertising Network List beyond Facebook, Google & YouTube Ads. This is very interesting because very few people know about this and you will also get some free credits for your ads.
  • You also get Legal Resources in case you encounter Facebook or Google Ad policy violations. Facebook has its algorithm so you never know when your ads get banned.

Some More Benefits Of Super Affiliate System

  • Apart from this, you get the free ads campaign which will be easy to set up your Facebook ads.
  • You will also get access to the Private Facebook group for Super Affiliate System members only. This will help you in case you get stuck to any problem. There is some content that John updates timely for course training. You can also ask your questions on this group.
  • John also does live sessions for Super Affiliate Members where you will get his tips and also and also he helps his members with any problem like Facebook ads set up etc. It just sounds great because personal mentorship is all about what you need.

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Here Comes For you Super Affiliate System 3.0

Till now what you have read was of Super Affiliate System 2.0. As when I have written this article there was only 6 weeks program. I told you at that time also John Crestani updates his program and so finally he launches a 3.0 which is just massive when compared to 2.0. This major upgrade has an additional 120+ hours of video training which is almost double version 2.0.

Super Affiliate System 2.0

So here you can see in the modules only, this time that the course is beast when compared to 2.0. I know John Crestani regularly updates his course so maybe after a few months, I have to again make an update of 3.0. But for now, This is the module of 3.0.

In this course, John has shared his personal ad campaign techniques which he uses for Facebook, Google AdWords, Bing ads, etc

Week 1: Basic Affiliate Marketing Knowledge

Week 2: The Correct Setup

Week 3: More About Tools & Lander Setup

Week 4: Advanced Copywriting Methods

Week 5: Advanced Research Tactics

Week 6: Optimization Tactics for Advertising

Week 7: Mindset Expansion

Week 8: Networking & Coding

Week 9: Google Ads

Week 10: Facebook Ad

Week 11: Native Advertising

Week 12: Scaling Your Media Buying Business

This course has many improvements which make this course money worth. The best thing about 3.0 is that as soon as you will finish the course you can earn from the next day by just applying the same strategy of John Crestani which he showed in this 3.0

In this course, John has also covered Native Ads which many people don’t know about it. Native Ads are not new but still, people are able to leverage it properly. He explained everything each and everything in detail which was missing for google ads in 2.0.

What Bonuses Do You Get With Super Affiliate System 3.0?

Bonus 1: Ten Recorded Coaching Sessions

Bonus 2: Custom Audience Buyers Lists

Bonus 3: Blacklists For Many Major Ad Nets

Bonus 4: Whitelists For Many Major Ad Nets

Bonus 5: Downloadable landing pages

Bonus 6: John’s Own Swipe File of Ads

Pros and Cons Of Super Affiliate System


This course is a great option for all those who are just starting with affiliate marketing. The course covers everything that you need to become a pro in affiliate marketing. Also, you are getting a community where you build your relationships and that’s the great thing in affiliate marketing. You will get live sessions which are again a benefit for you as you can ask any personal questions there. The best thing about this course is that if you can not pay the amount in once, you can pay it in three installments.

After seeing the module of 3.0 you might be thinking that this course is best.


The only reason that I found is the cost of the course that is quite high but still, it is a one-time investment as I told you before. The updated version of 2.0 that is 3.0 can make your price worth. And one more thing is that after learning you have to implement these also by just doing paid advertising. So again you have to invest money.


I have discussed the Super Affiliate System review with you. I think that this course is a good option for all the beginners and also for those who want freedom from their stress 9 to 5 life because in affiliate marketing you earn passive income but not overnight. It takes time to learn the process and John has made for you this entire course so that you can become an affiliate marketer. Although its price is high once again I am saying that it will be worth it. I too have learned many things from John Crestani. I hope you will learn too!

Here is the free training of Super Affiliate System if you are interested then you can join today and start your affiliate marketing journey today!

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