Sharper Image Power Percussion Reviews | Does It Actually Work?

A massage after a tiring day or after a particularly bruising physical activity is what anyone desires. Your body can get so sore that it needs extra attention, and you are left wishing for a massage. We don’t have the luxury of employing someone to utilize their service anytime, any day.

Sharper Image Power Percussion Reviews

Going to a masseuse regularly can prove expensive, and not everybody has a deep pocket to buy a massage chair or an expensive massage tool. Therefore, it seems logical to find something suitable to our budget which we can use to massage our aches and pains away. And this is where the power percussion product comes into play; the intersection of budget and usability. That’s why we are here to provide you with Sharper Image Power Percussion Reviews.

This review intends to cut through the noise surrounding the Sharper Image Power Percussion and give you honest feedback on this product. This is to enable you to make an informed choice regarding purchasing this product and see whether it suits your particular needs. Read this Sharper Image Power Percussion Reviews to learn more about the product.

About The Company: Sharper Image

Sharper Image is a brand from the United States and is owned by Three Sixty Group. The catalogue of the products and website is owned and operated by Michigan-based Camelot Venture Group. The brand offers air purifiers, gifts, electronic products, and other high-tech lifestyles and is sold through its website, catalogue, and retailers.

Sharper Image Power Percussion Reviews

The brand was founded by Richard Thalheimer in 1977 and has seen a lot of history. From filing for bankruptcy to being bought for $100M, the company has had its fair share of ups and downs. Yet the business progresses, and they continue to provide some of the best electronic products in the market. The brand’s name is synonymous with value and quality and strives to reach more customers through its multi-channel marketing efforts.

More About Sharper Image Power Percussion

Sharper Image power boost deep tissue percussion massager is a product designed to be used for the entire body. It is chargeable and battery-operated. This product is used for muscle therapy for people with chronic pain or after a tiring time. It relieves deep muscle tissue pain and can be a recovery aid. Through its targeted deep tissue massage, it brings relief to users.

Unlike many other massage products, this machine is known for its super quiet functioning. This is possible due to the use of Industrial-grade motors. So, you can use this deep tissue massager anywhere without the annoyance of loud sound associated with different products like this.
The product has five attachments and is fully customizable to suit your needs. It comes with O-rings to keep the massage gun seated.

Sharper Image Power Percussion Reviews

The nodes can be used interchangeably as they are targeted for different portions and needs. You can choose the desired intensity so that this hand-held device can give you a more personalized massage. From this Sharper Image Power Percussion Review, you know that you may carry the power percussion with you as this product is lightweight. It has five different nodes, which can be used interchangeably. The cone can be used for trigger points, and the fork can be used for the neck and back. This relieves any tension on different parts of the body through targeted use.

The flat head node can be used all over the body to bring you immediate relief. After a physically tiring day, use it all over the body and sleep without any body aches. The best part is that your body won’t be sore when you wake up the next morning. The bar node can be used for the shoulders and biceps, and the ball node can be used for large muscle groups like the glutes.

The massage gun has three massage speeds and is highly practical and easy to use. It is designed to give uninterrupted service even during heavy use and comes with a chargeable Lithium-Ion battery that can give up to 4.5 hours of service.


  • Good quality finished product.
  • The efficiency of the product reduces dependency on others or doctors for muscle pain and muscle cramp relief.
  • Small, compact, and powerful tool
  • Value for money
  • The different heads for different needs work well.
Sharper Image Power Percussion Reviews


  • The lowest setting, level one, is quite ineffective.
  • Battery life could be better.
  • No travelling bag for the accessories in the system

Customer Reviews | Sharper Image Power Percussion Reviews

“We’ve been seeing these self massager guns around for awhile now. We wanted to try it, but didn’t want to spend $399 or more for a theragun. This is truly the best product I’ve bought in a long time. It is very solid. It is very well made. It is balanced, it feels heavy in your hand, and it works great. It also has a neat feature where it gets faster when you push the head harder into your body. …not sure if they all do that, but I was surprised by this nice feature.

Read the manual and learn how to enable that setting. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who lifts weights or does physical activity on a regular basis. It only takes a few minutes of gliding it over your muscles for it to penetrate deeply into the muscle and relax the soreness. I personally love the flat head attachment. Don’t hesitate. At this price, it’s a no brainer. Pick it up on Amazon and see for yourself.” Jeffrey T. Bartolomeo

Sharper Image Power Percussion Reviews

“I use it to help loosen muscles around my knees and also back and shoulders. Easy to use and quite effective.” MaryAnn Sanfilipp

“It was great when it worked. We’ve had it 2 months and now it doesn’t work. And we’re outside their window of return.” Kelly Walker

“Really helps loosen the muscle on my lower back when it knots up.” Minnie girl 928
“Arrived a day ahead of estimated date of arrival from Amazon. Husband says it works good for him.” Penny Roney

FAQs | Sharper Image Power Percussion Reviews

Is the sharper image massage gun safe to use?

The Sharper Image Powerboost deep tissue Percussion massager is easy to use. It can be operated cordless and lightweight, making it a dependable and safe product to use.

Does the product have a warranty?

It comes with a 1-year warranty and 3-month return back policy.

How do you use the Sharper Image Power Percussion deep tissue massager?

The product comes with interchangeable nodes, so you can choose the node you wish to use for customized deep tissue massage. You may also choose the speed of the massage gun as per your desire.

How long does it take to charge the battery for the Sharper Image Massage gun?

The battery takes 5 hours to charge and gives 4.5 hours of service.

How do you remove the attachment on the massage gun?

The best way to remove and change the attachment is to hold the base of the attachment, twist it and pull it firmly. The attachment will pop out.

Conclusion | Sharper Image Power Percussion Reviews

The Sharper Image Power Percussion has brought the product to another level of usability. It raises the bar high for other companies to follow suit. It promises high-quality performance, strong battery life, and specialized attachments for different muscles and areas. Overall, the design has a smooth body finish and gives strong traction to the grip. The machine wights merely 1.5 pounds and comes with a unique carry box.

Although the battery promises a shelf life of 4.5 hours, multiple buyers have reported returning their massage tool because the battery failed prematurely. Some reviews have also stated users feeling dissatisfied with the battery and have expressed displeasure that their battery doesn’t last as long as it touted. On the other end of the spectrum, many users have praised the battery for its longevity and are highly praised for the size and attachments it comes with, along with the precision and power of the massage gun.

Users have expressed satisfaction while using the tool in areas like the arms and shoulders. However, for denser areas with bigger muscles, the massage gun doesn’t work as well as in the other areas. The sharper image power percussion reviews have made you aware that the tool is certainly a good purchase for its product range. While shopping for any products, buyers should be clear about their budget. They should also know the product’s specifications, attributes, and quality.

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