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Samsung Mini Split Error Codes : Samsung is known for making cutting-edge products and leading in its field. It doesn’t figure very high in the AC product range due to the low penetration rate. However, it continues to look for ways to grow in the challenging market. As with any electrical product, things can sometimes malfunction or cease to work.

samsung mini split error codes

Samsung mini split AC is a handy product that has come to the rescue of many people in the heat drought. However, it doesn’t come without its range of products.
There isn’t much information available online regarding the Samsung Mini Split Error Codes. Listed below are some error codes found online, but the picture below represents the error codes in the split AC by Samsung. You can look at it for reference before you move down to check out further information.

SN#Error CodeDescription
1E101 / E102Communication Error (Indoor Outdoor)
2E422Outdoor unit EEV close 1 self-diagnosis error
3E121ROOM TH sensor error
5E154Fan Error (Indoor)
6E162EEPROM Error (Indoor)
7E163Option Error
8E203Time out Comm. (Inv Micom Main Micom)
9E221OUT-TH (Outdoor Temperature) Sensor Error
10E231CON-TH (Cond Temperature) Sensor Error
11E251DIS-TH (Discharge Temperature) Sensor Error
12E416DIS-TH (Discharge Temperature) Over Error
13E422EEV or Valve Close error Self-diagnosis
14E440Prohibit Operation Condition Error (Heating)
15E441Prohibit Operation Condition Error (Cooling)
16E458Fan Error (Outdoor)
17E461Comp Starting Error
18E462AC Input I Limit Trip Error
19E464IPM Overcurrent (OC) Error
20E465Comp V limit/I limit Error
21E466DC-Link Voltage Under/Over Error
22E467Comp Wire Missing Error
23E468Current Sensor Error
24E469DC-Link Voltage Sensor Error
25E470EEPROM Data Error (no data)
26E471EEPROM Data Error (Main Micom Inv Micom)
27E474Heatsink Sensor Error
28E483Overvoltage Protection Error
29E484PFC Overload Error
30E485Input Current Sensor Error
31E488AC Input Voltage Sensor Error
32E500Heatsink Over Temperature Error
33E554Gas Leak Error

Moving on, this is a list of Indoor and outdoor detailed inspection procedures for Samsung mini split error codes. This is made for users to follow to determine what is wrong with the AC.

samsung mini split error codes
 Indoor detailed inspection procedure  
SN#ProcessInspection methodCauses
1)Pull the PCB out of the control box.Is the first fuse disconnected?Overcurrent
 Ensure that you plug the PCB is plugged out.Is the second fuse disconnected?The indoor Fan motor is short
 Check the fuse. AC part and pattern short of indoor PBA
2)Check Supply powerCheck the power voltage 
  BD71 input voltage 200Vac-240VacThe power cord is full, open fuse, wrong power cable wiring, AC part is faulty
  Voltage between terminal IC02 pin #1- #2 12VDCFaulty Switching trans of Power Circuit
  The voltage between the terminal of IC02 pin #2-#3 5VDCLoad short, power circuit is faulty
3)Press the On/off buttonVoltage over AC 180V imposed on terminal #3-#5 of fan motor connector CN72The Fan motor of the indoor is faulty
  Fan motor of the indoor unit doesn’t runFan motor connector CN72 is faulty
  Power voltage between terminal #3-#5 of the connector CN72 is 0VPBA is faulty
Outdoor detailed inspection procedure
SN#ProcessInspection MethodCauses
1)Pull PCB out of the control box, and ensure the PCB is plugged out. Before you check the PCB fuse, wait for 3 minutes after the power is switched off.Fuse disconnectedOver Current
   AC part and pattern are short of outdoor PBA
2)Wiring should be checkedCompressor wire connected clockwiseWrong assembly
  Reactor wire connected normalBad installation or service.
  Fan wire connected normal 
  4way wire connected normal 
  Sensor wire connected normal 
  EEV wore connected normal 
3)Supply power and operate the setCheck the power voltage 
  The voltage between Terminal block L-N 200Vac-240VacFaulty power cord or wrong power cable wiring
  C006 voltage 200Vac-240VacOpen fuse. L,N,F1,F2 wiring wrong. 
  CN150 voltage 200Vac-240VacFaulty power circuit, load short
  PFC050(#26-#27) voltage 200Vac-240Vac 3 minutes laterOpen fuse. L,N,F1,F2 wiring wrong. PTC020 open. Faulty RY021/22. Outdoor micom (IC201 error)
  CE101 voltage 280Vdc-320Vdc 3 minutes laterFaulty PFC050, wrong connection in reactor wire, load short, the power circuit is faulty, BLDC fan motor error
  VoltageCN151 #1-#2 voltage 15VdcLoad short, switching trans of the power circuit is faulty
  VoltageCN151 #1-#2 voltage 12VdcLoad short, switching trans of the power circuit is faulty
  VoltageCN151 #1-#2 voltage 5VdcLoad short, switching trans of the power circuit is faulty
4)Check LED lamp displayNormal – Red on, green blink, yellow offF1, F2 wrong wiring
  Abnormal – All off, check no powerFaulty outdoor PBA
  Abnormal; check error mode 

FAQs | Samsung Mini Split Error Codes

The cooling works well. However, it doesn’t cool as well on a hot day. Is something wrong with the split AC?

One reason could be that the outdoor unit is exposed to direct sunlight, and the heat-up air might not be well ventilated. Refrain from cluttering ear the unit and try to set up a sunblind over the outdoor unit. 

Why does my AC not cool the room?

Ensure that the AC is not set to ventilation and that the desired temperature is set correctly. Many mistakes set the temperature higher, thinking it would cool the room. But that will make the room warm. So, for cooling, bring the temperature lower. 

When I turn on my AC, my eyes burn, and I get a headache. What is wrong with my AC?

Nothing in the air conditioner is designed to give you a headache or irritated eyes. However, nearby smells and pollutants are sucked in, making the mistaken notion that the Air conditioner generates them. Rooting out the source will solve the problem.

The AC smells musty when it is switched on. Help. 

This happens when the product is kept properly and dry up the inside of the AC. If you fail to do so, mold will build up, which can also lead to health hazards. Ensure that the windows of the room are open and well-ventilated. Switch on the ventilation function, and it will eliminate the foul smell.

Why won’t my AC start? 

Ensure that there is no power failure and that it is plugged in. Check the power panel distribution to see if it is switched off. 

Conclusion | Samsung Mini Split Error Codes

It is impossible to survive in some places with the coolness provided by the AC. The Samsung Mini Split Error Codes is the perfect choice to cool yourself in the merciless heat. If you are the lucky few who can afford an AC at your place of residents, keeping it clean and dry and maintaining it well will ensure that the AC sustains for a more extended period. A little bit of know-how and maintenance goes a long way in extending the shelf life.

If you cannot understand the error mentioned above codes or do not know how to use the AC, it makes sense to call the Samsung mini customer care number to have an expert resolve your issues.

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