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Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes: Imagine you want to take a tip in the swimming pool only to realize that the water is frigid and you cannot bear the cold. Swimming in the pool affords you the luxury of warm water. When swimming in a pool, it’s always best to know that there will be a constant heat supply. However, even the best of us can get stuck in unexpected moments when no heat flows. What should you do then?

Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes

If you have an out-of-the-box pool heater such as RayPak, you can find Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes right on the screen to solve the problem quickly. It is a pool heater manufacturing company, and they make the top of line heaters. Its range of heaters is moderately long-lasting. It can give you service for up to 20 years with proper maintenance. 

Defining The Problem: Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes

However, the best electrical products have a shelf life, and This heaters are no different. Nobody cherishes an error code flashing on any equipment piece as it indicates something is wrong with your electrical product. Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes is a headache and a blessing as well. Although it means something is wrong with the equipment, at least you know where the error comes from by looking at the error codes. 

If you are experiencing problems with your Raypak pool heater, check the error code to see if there is a specific problem that needs to be fixed. If you’re experiencing problems with your Raypak pool heaters, a few quick troubleshooting steps can help you resolve the issue. Many of these errors are caused by things that can be easily corrected, such as power fluctuations or low water levels. Here is a list of error codes and their meaning regarding the this Heaters. 

Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes

Error code BD1: This means that there is a board failure. You can try to turn off the power to board at the toggle switch and source if this code is displayed. Wait briefly and then re-establish power again. It is okay if the error is no longer on display, but if the same error code appears again despite the step above, you have to replace the board as the main processor is damaged, hence not starting again. 

EEP: Memory failed to start. This is also the main processor problem. You may turn off the power to the board at the toggle switch and source. Check if code status. If it reappears, replace the board because this is n indicator that the memory has failed. 

FAN: This means that the pilot light is lost or that the switch for air pressure was not closed when required. There are a few steps you can take if this is the problem. 

  • Ensure that incoming power at the fan relay is correct at 120V or 240V.
  • If it is confirmed that the pilot light is lost, ensure that a 24V minimum out-of-fan relay.
  • If the switch doesn’t turn, ensure the tuning between the fan housing and switch is connected. 
  • Do a soft lockout if it still doesn’t work after three attempts. It will automatically reset in 5 minutes. 

FFL: A False Flame Signal Is Indicated. 

  • Does the pilot light stay lit? If yes, and the pilot valve in the gas valve is open, you need to replace the gas valve. 
  • There is a problem in the pilot board or system if the gas valve works just fine. You may try the power-off option at the toggle switch. 
  • From the pilot and board, unplug the ignition wire and remove the green ground wire from the burning tray. Clean everything, reconnect to the ground wire and check if the error persists. 
  • Switch on the power and look for a spark at the ignition module. If you don’t see any spark, turn off the power and replace the PC board. 
  • It is time to reconnect the wires if a spark is visible at the ignition module. Remember to turn off the power to avoid an untoward accident. 
  • The unit should fire up when the power is turned on. 

GVC: No Power At PV Or MV

Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes
  • Disconnect the ignition and gas valve wires from the board before turning OFF the power. 
  • Is there a spark at the nodule when you Power ON the board? 
  • No spark, turn the power OFF and replace the board.
  • Yes, spark, reconnect wires after turning power OFF. 
  • Does the unit still not fire, and does the error code still show? Switch OFF the power—disconnect the Valve wires from the board. Remove ground wires, PV, and MV. Clean them and reconnect. 
  • The gas valve will need to be replaced if the unit does not fire. 

GVO: Power It The Incorrect Time At PV Or MV

  • You may disconnect the gas valve and ignition wires from the board after ensuring the power is OFF.
  • Watch for spark at module when you power ON the board. 
  • Replace the board if no spark is seen. 
  • Spark observed reconnecting the wires after turning off the power. 
  • If the unit does not fire and the error code is still seen, disconnect valve wires and remove ground wires, MV and PV. Please ensure that the power is OFF. Clean the wires and reconnect.
  • Replace the gas valve if the unit does not fire.
  • Check for power stability to the transformer. Low power can cause faults at the GVO.

HL1/HL2: 135F High Limit Exceeded

Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes
  • Excessive water temperature in the tube bundle. Let the heater cool. The high limit will reset automatically. 
  • There might be blockages in the tubes resulting in the high limit. Ensure that there is no blockage.
  • If necessary, replace the spring or bypass after checking the bypass assembly. 

IGN: Lgnition Failure

  • The unit will go into a hard lockout if it fails to hold a flame within three attempts. Clear the lockout by interrupting the power supply. 

ILO: Lgnition lockout

  • Check pilot assembly.
  • If the pilot assembly is working fine, check your PC board.

PRS: Low water pressure

  • The water level at the skimmer face should be in the middle of the skimmer face. 
  • Check whether the pump is running or not.
  • Backwash the filter after checking filter pressure. 
  • Adjust the pressure switch in the unit if the heater is placed 5 ft below or above the water level.

If you still cannot solve the problem, and these tips and the ones in the manual copy don’t make sense, please consult RayPak customer service for assistance. They will be able to help you determine the cause of the Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes in your unit.

FAQs | Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes

What are the RayPak pool heaters’ error codes?

The error codes appear as an indicator that something is wrong with the unit. You may check the digital readout to help determine what the error code you are getting is about and address the concern accordingly. 

Is it alright to directly contact RayPak customer service for my issues?

Yes, you may reach out to them directly. They will assist you in determining the error code and find ways to find a resolution to your error codes.

How long does a RayPak pool heater last? 

Proper care and timely maintenance can give service for up to 20 years.

How do I determine what kind of problem my PayPak pool heater is experiencing?

There is a digital readout for the RayPak pool heater that you may check. This will help you determine the error code, and you can address the steps that need to be taken depending on the error code. 

My unit is displaying the Error code BD1. What does this mean?

It could be indicative of a board failure. Power OFF to board, wait awhile and re-establish power. You might have to replace the board of the damaged main processor. This can be ascertained by checking for the error code on display. If there is no error, the issue is resolved.

Conclusion | Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes

If your Raypak pool heater is not heating up, there might be a problem with the motor. If you’re still having trouble getting your pool heater to work, it might be time to call a technician to check out the unit. This article lists some of the most common error codes that could indicate a problem with your Raypak pool heater. If you don’t see your code listed here or think there might be something wrong with your pool heater, do not hesitate to call the RayPak customer support team to resolve the issue. 

If you are tech-savvy and can follow instructions, the listed tips will set you on your way to enjoying warm water in your swimming pool, irrespective of the weather outside. I hope you like this Raypak Pool Heater Error Codes article. It may be helpful for you.

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