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MarketPresso 2.0

Have you got any bad reviews and you spoiled your image and not getting leads? Are you frustrated with relying on other platforms for your business? I have featured Marketpress 2.0 Review in this comprehensive article which will solve all the problems that you face while working on the different marketplace. MarketPresso 2.0 is the solution to all your problems.

The benefit of your marketplace is that you don’t have to depend on any other platforms like Fiverr or Upwork as you have your marketplace. With your marketplace, you can sell any service or a product like a pro.

When you work on any other marketplace the competition is very high and also if you get any bad reviews then it will be difficult for you to generate leads for your business. There is no authority when you work in a different marketplace.

How can you forget about the competition and how you have to compete with your rivals to get the orders.

And here is the solution that is MarketPresso 2.0

What is Marketpresso 2.0

Market presso 2.0 is online software that will help you to create your marketplace.

MarketPresso Is the solution for all of the problems that you face with your freelancing journey or maybe you are someone who is having any service or product but not able to generate leads, MarketPresso 2.0 is for you.

Creator of MarketPresso 2.0

MarketPresso 2.0

MarketPresso is created by Karthik Ramani and Saurabh Bhatnagar. These people had many years of experience and they have also created many successful products in the industry apart from MarketPresso.

History Of MarketPresso

The earlier version of MarketPresso 2.0 was MarketPresso that was launched on 10 February 2020. The first version of MarketPresso generated roughly $350,000 and over 700 sales in just 7 days which was a huge success.

 One thing I have noticed is that the product which makes huge success in the market because they are solving problems of many and that is the only reason for their grand success.

How Market Presso 2.0 Works?

It is very easy to work on MarketPresso 2.0

  • Simple Customizable Design
  • Add Your Product/Service Details
  • Assign a Price
  • Connect Payment Gateway

What are the features of MarketPresso 2.0 ?

Sell With Zero Competition

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If you have worked on Fiverr or Upwork you know that the competition is very high in every niche so it will be difficult for you to get the clients. There is one more thing that if you have fewer reviews then also your competitors will beat you and clients will give priority to one with more reviews.

If you are working on MarketPresso then you won’t have to worry about the competition as it is your marketplace.

Get Buyer’s Details

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You did a great job for your client but what if you don’t know his details. Won’t it be difficult for you again to contact them? Freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork never share buyers’ details that means you have to be always dependent on your work. 

The efforts that you put in are not for your own business but for somebody else.

Why not create your own business and build it once and sell your services and products to your buyers again and again with their details. MarketPresso 2.0 is for you only, yes it is for you.

Zero Commission

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You know that very well paying Fiverr / Upwork charges 20% fees per sale. You don’t have to pay any commission to MarketPresso. They will start charging you 1% Fees per sale only after you have crossed orders worth $5,000 using their platform. Isn’t it a good deal for you? First Earn your profit and after that, you have to pay just 1%, literally a great option for you.

Design your eye-catching Homepage

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There is a saying that “First Impression is the last impression.”

MarketPresso created designs in such a way that it will make your profile look more professional, more authoritative, and still more enchanting to your customers that in turn will bring business for you.

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Category, Sub-Category & Smart Menu

 This makes it more professional when you add subcategories. What I mean is that let’s suppose you are giving SEO service to your client, Then your subcategory can be On-Page Seo and Off-Page. I hope you got my point. This will help your buyers to find easily about your services.

Higher Converting Service page

With video/image slider you can easily stunningly showcase your services. You can also add a description which you will get with a flow text editor.

This is just another way to make your page more attractive so that it can be highly converted.

Service Packages

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You can also create services pages to showcase your services and pricing. You can create three service packages like basic standard and premium. In this way, you can offer better pricing and services.

Smart Pricing

Set your prices as per your work. You can give your service and get paid for your time. You can also set pricing as per your service.

  •  Time (Per hour or a minute or second)
  • Number of Hours
  • Duration of Script
  •  Fixed Price
  •  Flexible Price
  •  No. of Units Set Your Variables (XX price per YY variable).

Inbuilt Messaging System With Clients

MarketPresso 2.0

The Messaging system allows you to chat in real-time and in that way you can discuss your requirements before placing an order for your service.

You can also negotiate within the real chat. This is just another way to utilize this feature. 

Real-Time Order & Message Notifications

This feature will help you to let you know about any message or notification regarding your order or maybe you are having a conversation in your busy schedule so as soon as the message will come it will notify you which makes your conversation more smooth and fast.

This also builds a connection with you by having interaction.

Testimonials & Reviews

This is the most important thing when you work on Fiverr or Upwork. If any bad reviews come there is a less probability of you getting the next orders. But with MarketPresso you can add your testimonials and reviews and also you can delete any negative reviews. This gives you full authority whether to hide or unhide any testimonials.

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Unlimited Hosting & CName Mapping – Whitelabel Solution

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It’s too frustrating when your website load time decreases with the increase in traffic. MarketPresso 2.0 gives you your servers that mean you don’t have to depend on any others for your hosting. They have given fast servers. You can also set your domain with CName Mapping. Full authority over your domain and hosting.

Payment Gateway Integration

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This is a real headache for many of them because it’s difficult to set up the payment and there might be some dispute while doing the payment with any payment method.

 It is always recommended to use secure payment integration so that you can safely make your payment. Paypal and Stripe are two methods that they have given and both are trusted and secure. They have also said to increase some more payment methods in the upcoming updates.

Custom Code

MarketPresso 2.0

You might not be familiar with what is custom code but I want to tell you that with custom code you can easily retarget your customers or show custom pop-ups or do any custom configuration. For those who have not understood yet need not to be a worry. They will also teach you about this and how to use this feature efficiently.

Badges on Offers

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You can also attract your main offer with badges. This is just like you are on Zomato and looking for the deal of the day and you avail that. This is very similar to badges on offers. 

You create your badges but you might be thinking that how this will help, I want to tell you that this is the psychology of human beings always looking for great deals.

Languages Translation

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When you have a feature like this it will not take much time to scale your business. The reason why I am saying is that this feature will showcase your work globally and you interact with anybody in any language. 

Browsing History

MarketPresso 2.0

When you shop on Amazon and when you again visit on amazon you see your browsing history of your searched products. With taking the inspiration from this feature MarketPresso 2.0 made the same feature of browsing history just like amazon.

Email integration

MarketPresso 2.0

Open rates are relatively low for email marketing but that does not mean that email marketing is dead. You can still send your offers to customers through emails. MarketPresso gives a feature of email integration and also they have a collaboration with many email marketing service provider companies like Mailchimp GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, etc.

Your customers will immediately become a part of your contact list.


MarketPresso 2.0

Frequently asked questions play an important role in getting sales as you might have seen that if you go through any sales page you get some FAQ columns at the end. This is important as it will help your visitors to see the FAQ about your services or products or may any other query.

You can add your FAQ and get more chances to convert leads.

Mobile-friendly platform


There was a time when most of the work used to get done through PC and Laptops. Nowadays many people are shifted to mobile as much of the work is now easily done through mobile.

The reason for this is that mobile phones are more convenient to carry. MarketPresso has made its platform Mobile-Friendly. If any visitors come to your website on their mobile they will feel the same emotion as using a desktop.

100% Cloud-Based App – No restriction of Windows, Mac, Desktop, Tablet or anything

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This feature is something that I liked the most as I have also discussed in my Viddyoze Review. Cloud-based makes your work more convenient as you can work from anywhere in the world.

You have to open the software and you can start working from anywhere. There is no need to download the software on your laptop or pc. You can enjoy your holiday and also you can work at the same time. Everybody wishes to work from anywhere around the world.

User Management & Customers Profile

User management is very important as in case if your customer has any issue you can directly solve that from the admin dashboard without asking every time detail of your customer. This feature can also be utilized as a part of your marketing strategy. You can identify your best customer and you can make your marketing plan according to that.

Post request 

MarketPresso 2.0

Your customer can also post requests in case they need any service.

We have discussed all the features of MarketPresso 2.0. Now there might be a question going in your head is that 


The question is legit but I want to tell you that most of the big businesses want to work with professionals. They don’t want to hand over the responsibilities to any layman or just a newbie. As you also know that most of the freelancers are not able to serve quality and because of this freelancing marketplace is becoming more and more saturated.

You are making your marketplace which makes you stand out of the crowd and also looks more professional. Having your marketplace builds more authority and no competition. 

You have to share your links to businesses and as you are having more trust and more authority, it is for sure that you will get more leads. I want to tell you and also it is a fact that everybody wants to work with professionals.

Additional Feature Of MarketPresso 2.0

If you don’t know how to approach any client or how to get your first client. They are also giving you the “Getting Clients Training” that will teach you how to get clients from every nook & corner of the internet. 

Let’s see its additional feature

Be a Local Market Super Hero

We all know there is a lot of difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. Doctors Restaurants, Salons, Dentists, Gyms, are all experts in what they do but they don’t know how to promote themselves. You can take advantage of it and you can promote them and if they will get benefits they will become your customers.

You can also give them free service for some days and share your link and ask them to get in touch with you whenever they need your service. 

Blog Feature Inside MarketPresso With Automatic Google Indexing

You can also write blogs related to your services and it will get automatically indexed. If you don’t know then I want to tell you if you rank for your keywords, you will get huge traffic, and as we all know traffic is money.

Linkedin for your business

They have also given free LinkedIn training in which you will learn how to get your first client with linked features and they have also provided the script of what to say to them when you reach out to these high ticket clients.

With LinkedIn, you can filter professionals based on:

• Profession (Ex – CEO, Director, etc)

• Industry (Ex – Local business, IT, etc)

• Demographics (Ex – Location, etc)

• Current Company

• Etc

 If you have never used LinkedIn that means you have missed your many high ticket clients. Linkedin is one of the most used platforms by professionals. You will find all the top-class business owners there. 

Revenue Rolodex

Revenue Rolodex gives you the exact strategies to use to get free traffic and will help you to get more clients from some of the biggest sites online. If you will get the traffic from such sites as you also have your marketplace that will make you stand out of the crowd and you will easily get your client.

FB™ Ads Training By Forbes Recognised Co-Founder Of MarketPresso

Saurabh Bhatnagar the co-founder of MarketPresso is having expertise in Facebook ads and sales funnel. He will be teaching you how to bring your business in front of 1000s of buyers using Facebook™ ads. The learning experience that you will get will be worth it.

Bonus 1

MarketPresso 2.0

MarketPresso Client Finder App (Worth $997)

Once you will create your services marketplace, the only thing that you will need help to find the high paying clients for your business.

Because as you know this thing “More Clients = More Revenue”.

They have developed an app that will help you to find the contact details of businesses all over the world and that is what you need.

You will be able to find the business name, phone number, email id, and website of any business in any niche in any city or country all with a single click.

As you have your marketplace and also you have an exact route to find high paying businesses and you contact them easily.

Bonus 2

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Free Advertising Credits Worth $600-$800

You know that once you start using paid traffic, you will get the results within the same day. And think if you get free ads credit then how it will be easy for you to get your first clients. 

They are giving free advertising credits worth $600-$800 on premium networks like LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. This offer is just for a limited time so better you purchase today otherwise you will miss this golden opportunity.

Bonus 3

AI Logo Creator Software (Worth 697$)

LS6BEuoSP9JStxuEpbNUtQsdQcoqwz9znLgIlHqmiseXm5AcfPAmI8VTifV9XCoxLXILR9Kh6CySJkqwpYboHKEPahtdpWpwIXm9fFIG2oBtV0rlIGgHRKTyV X8uX FnjwW8RbK

Logo is something which represents your brand and you don’t want to make some filthy logos . Al logo creator software is given to you so that you can make your logo with relevant icons, images, font & color suggestions so that it will look more attractive. You can also add as a service in your marketplace for clients and local business. You got your new service for your marketplace. Doesn’t it sound cool?

Check This Video Animation Software: Viddyoze

Bonus 4

AI BrandDomain Software (Worth 497$)

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Having a domain which is related to your niche is very important. As thousands of businesses are registered everyday so it is difficult for everyone to find your domain. Domains should be unique and easy to remember. 

With advanced AI based software that finds domain availability. It will give you suggestions for your domain availability. It will suggest a domain which is related to your niche and also finds your domain’s keyword availability across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Medium – all of it with just a click of a button.

Bonus 5

Hands-On Workshop To Help You Build Your First Marketplace (Priceless)

This is something that is unique and priceless. You will get live training sessions with the founders of MarketPresso. You will get to learn how to create your first marketplace and also how to scale your business. You can also ask any questions with them in the live sessions.

MarketPresso Lite Vs MarketPresso Commercial

MarketPresso 2.0
MarketPresso 2.0
MarketPresso 2.0
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You can create Only 1 marketplace with MarketPresso lite but you can create up to 10 marketplaces. You can also sell your marketplace to your clients with MarketPress Commercial.

The price of MarketPresso Lite is 59$ and the price of MarketPresso is 67$.

I have discussed all the features and bonuses of MarketPresso 2.0. 


I want to tell you this is the only product that I have seen that has no cons till now.

Every feature of MarketPresso is unique and price worth.

  • You are getting an opportunity to create your marketplace.
  • You can also build your list.
  • You don’t have to share any profits until you earn 5000$
  • You will get a complete authority and also your work will look professional which 
  • You will get live training sessions with the founders of MarketPresso.

What I think is that nowadays as the competition is increasing so as the marketplace like Fiverr and Upwork are getting saturated. The thing which I don’t like with working on others marketplace is that you have to share your profits and also you will not get the buyers details that mean you have to rely on them for your work

MarketPresso gives you all that you need. If I talk about its price, its price is also not high that you cannot pay. The features that you are getting and the bonuses that make it price worth. Apart from this, you will also get a live training session that will make this priceless.
You must buy if you want to start your business. You can grow your business within a few months and then you can enjoy the freedom of your life and also at the same time you can do the work at the same time.

Note: It is highly recommended to purchase from our links. To make transparency I want to tell you that I give quality and unbiased content for you. Techfreaksavvy is an affiliate blog and when you buy from our links I make a few percent of the sale.

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