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Hulu error code 504

Hulu Error Code 504

It is quite frustrating to get any interruption while streaming. These days Hulu Error Code 504 is the reason for your frustration. Hulu is the leading premium streaming service offering live and on-demand TV and movies, with and without commercials, both in and outside the home just like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Even after paying for it, you are not able to enjoy its service. But sometimes it happens and you have to face errors just like this one. Errors are not in the hand of anybody, you cannot blame even Hulu for it. What is most important to get the solution and solve your problem. It is always better to look for solutions.

All that I can is that even if you use any service or pay a huge amount also, there are sometimes that it cannot also work. But as I said above let us see the solution without wasting your time further.

What is Hulu Error Code 504

Hulu Error Code 504

The Hulu Error Code 504 is a 504 Gateway Timeout error that means that if the server tries to connect with another server but could not be able to receive an immediate response from another server. It is an HTTP status code that shows on your screen. The error occurs between servers on the internet or an issue with an actual server.

In other words, 504 errors usually indicate that a different computer, one that the website you’re getting the 504 message on doesn’t control but relies on, isn’t communicating with it quickly enough.

Hulu Error Code 504 can be seen in different ways

  • 504 Gateway Timeout
  • HTTP 504
  • 504 ERROR
  • Gateway Timeout (504)
  • HTTP Error 504 – Gateway Timeout
  • Gateway Timeout Error

All these mean the same. If you see any of the above error then this article will help you to solve your farouche issue.

How To Fix Hulu Error Code 504

There can be possible ways to solve Hulu Error Code 504

  1.  The first thing that you can do when you see Hulu Error Code 504 is to refresh the browser or you can close the browser and then revisit to the URL again but if you still see the error, don’t worry since this error is not your fault.
  2.  You can restart all your devices if you are using on mobile then restart the device. If you are using any modem, router, switches, or other networking hardware can also be the reason for this error. Restart everything and then try again.

Note: If you are using Hulu mobile app then reinstall the app or update it because sometimes it happens when there is a new update.

3. Change your DNS Servers. 

Ok, wait! Let me explain this. The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phonebook of the Internet. When users type domain names such as ‘’ or ‘’ into web browsers, DNS is responsible for finding the correct IP Address for those sites. Browsers then use those addresses to communicate with origin servers to access website information.

If you don’t know how to change the DNS then this article will help you: change your DNS 

4. The last reason can be your ISP provider responsible for this error. Contact them if you don’t get a solution from the above three possible reasons for the error.

If you have faced any of the above issues then all those solutions will work for you. Hulu Error Code 504 can make you feel tetchy. You can also suggest your friends or your acquaintance check out if they faced the same error. 

 If you don’t find your solutions from the above methods then it is better to wait some time because the error is not from your end. Give some time to restore the connection.

We have given all the possible solutions for Hulu Error Code 504. If you are facing any other issue you can visit the official website of Hulu. Please comment below if you have faced any error and all these solutions worked or not.

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