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Dr Fone Android Data Recovery Review

Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery Review

In this article, I’m going to give you an honest Dr fone Android Data Recovery Review. If you want to go for this software and you’re looking for a correct review on it, this article is just for you. In this article, I will talk in detail about this software, its features, pricing, pros, and cons. and everything you want to know about this software. So, read the complete article to get a complete idea about this software. Let’s start!

1.  What is Dr. Fone?

Dr. Fone is a data recovery software tool launched in the market by Wondershare. Wondershare is a successful running industry in data recovery for more than 15 years now. Dr. fone is very compatible and works on both iOS and Android. This software is one of the best known for data recovery. However, the coin has always two sides and this software has also some cons in it. Let me tell you some of its features:

  • It is also available for Windows PC and laptops.
  • It has a success rate of approx 80% when it comes to data recovery.
  • It is very user-friendly and you need not be a tech freak if you want to use it.
  • Not just data recovery, it has many other features.
Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery Review

2. Features of Dr Fone Android Data Recovery (Review)

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Let us talk about its features in detail that will make you believe that this is the software you were looking for in a long time.

Ø Safe to Use

This software is found to be very safe in use. It doesn’t send any of your data across the internet. The privacy of your data is maintained. It is guaranteed that you will not find any kind of virus, malware, or anything malicious while installing this software. There are zero percent chances that you may find any kind of malware attached to this software.

Security of your private data and information is maintained to the fullest. In my Dr Fone Android Data Recovery Review, I find this feature to be a good one and a feature that everyone looks while installing these kinds of softwares in their system. While buying any software, we always look for security, and for this, you can easily trust this software. The software is fully certified by Norton and comes with a 7 day free trial for your assurance. So, try the free trial and check whether it suits your system or not.

· Data Recovery And Compatibility

The next feature we have in Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery Review is its data recovery process and its amazing compatibility. While using Dr. Fone, you can easily recover all your important data from the mobile phone, memory card, hard disk, and computer. You can recover and restore all the data of your use from your system. You can recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history, etc. with this software installed in your system. If you have Dr. Fone in your system you need not worry about your data recovery process. It makes everything very easy and user-friendly.

It is also one of the best compatible software available in the market. It works very easily on all the latest devices and operating systems. You can easily preview your data before going for the data recovery process. It has the highest data recovery rate in its subsequent industries and is top-rated software.

· Transfer of Your Data

Your data can be easily transferred from your smartphone to your desktop or laptop if you are using this software. Not only your desktop or laptop but only an easy transfer of your data from your smartphone to an iOS device is possible if you’re using this software. Any kind of data like photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages can be transferred without creating a mess. You can also transfer all your iOS files without using iTunes. During the transfer of your data from one device to another you can manage your transfer by exporting, adding, or deleting files of your considerations.

The easy transfer of your data is one of its best features and that is the reason I give it a place in my list of Dr Fone Android Data Recovery Review. You can export and import all your data very easily and also merge your contact while using this software.

· Erasing Data Feature in Dr Fone Android Data Recovery Review

This feature is also a must noted feature in my Dr Fone Android Data Recovery Review. We always wonder about our private data when we sell any of our smartphones, it is quite a problem that what if any of our data remains in the phone which can be misused by anyone later in the future. This is something we are always worried about. But not anymore, while using this feature of Dr. Fone you can easily erase all of your private data from your phone ensuring that not any kind of your stuff is left on your phone.

Data Eraser does amazing work and removes all of your data on your command and their data recovery program will not be able to restore any data if you use the data eraser of Dr. Fone. Isn’t this feature amazing? Now, when you sell your smart phone, with this feature of Dr. Fone you need not worry about your private data on the phone. It gives a complete solution to this problem.

· Extracting Your Data From A Damaged Device

Data extraction is also a very excellent feature of this software. People tend to create confusion between data extraction and data recovery. I want to tell you that both of these are different things and different features. Data recovery is something you do on a device that is working, on the other hand, data extraction is done on the devices that are damaged and aren’t working properly.

All of us are well aware that any of the data in a physically damaged device is probably unrecoverable, but the data extraction feature of Dr. Fone gives you a ray of hope in this scenario. Some of your data can be recovered from a damaged device if you’re using this software.

So, this feature will work wonder when your system is crashed or your screen goes black, your data might be recovered. So, that is why while giving my Dr Fone Android Data Recovery Review, I kept in mind to put this feature in the list. The only problem with this feature is it works only on a selected number of Samsung devices.

· Repairing & Unlocking

The other feature in my list of Dr Fone Android Data Recovery Review is repairing of your system issues and unlocking your smartphone. It happens many times while working on our system, we come across some issues created by our operating system and at that time we want to find the solution to that problem as soon as possible, so Dr. Fone comes to your rescue. This software helps you to easily fix problems in your operating system. It resolves all kinds of errors present in your system making everything very easy.

It also assures to restore the full functionality of your system and makes the whole process a hustle-free one. So, you can rely on this software if you come across any of these kinds of problems. Also, you can easily unlock your smartphone without entering any kind of screen lock be it passcode, pattern, or fingerprints. You can crack the entire given screen lock without freaking or worrying. Next time, you forget your password don’t worry use this software and make it very easy.

· Screen Recording

This feature is quite self-explanatory and is next in my list of features given in Dr Fone Android Data Recovery Review. The feature does exactly what it says i.e. screen recording of your system. It records everything or anything that happens on the screen of your android phone. You can easily record everything that keeps happening in your android phone. This feature is very accessible and easily available while using this software.

All you need to do to use this feature is to launch the screen recorder on your desktop or laptop and then connect your android phone via USB. And you are done! If you do everything correctly, you will be able to record everything on your android phone and then watch it on your computer. You need not worry about the device compatibility of this feature as it works very easily on all the latest devices in the market.

· Unlocking SIM

With this feature given in Dr. Fone, you can use the SIM of other service providers in the carrier-locked smartphone. Carrier locked smartphones are locked to a particular cellular carrier that means you can only use these smartphones on a given cellular network and if you want to change your network, you need to unlock your SIM first, then after you can change your network. So, this unlocking feature of Dr. Fone helps you in unlocking your SIM to go for a change of network.

To use this feature, all you need to do is to connect your device to your computer via USB, then go for the SIM unlock feature, scan your SIM, and if the whole process is successful your device will be unlocked very easily. But this feature is also accessible only for particular Samsung users. This feature is also a nice one and the last one in my list of the features of Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery Review.

3. Pricing (Dr Fone Android Data Recovery Review)

So, after knowing its features, the question that immediately pops up in your mind is- Is Dr. Fone free to use? It’s not. It comes with a free trial period but after the trial period expires you need to buy this software if you want to use it in future times.

It is pricing that sometimes proves to be confusing for the people using it. Either you can buy each feature of the software you want to use independently or you can buy all of them in a bundle termed as the toolkit of the software. The prices of the different features given are:

  • Switch ($29.95)
  • Erase ($19.95)
  • Recover ($59.95)
  • Repair ($59.95)
  • Transfer ($39.95)
  • Data Backup & Restore ($19.99)
  • Unlock ($59.95)
  • The combined features in the toolkits are sold on the following prices:
  • Dr. iPhone iOS Toolkit ($ 99.95)
  • Dr. iPhone Android Toolkit ($ 139.95)

4. Bugs: (Dr Fone Android Data Recovery Review)

However, there are also some bugs find while using this software which is quite important and needs to be shared with you. I highly recommend you to first check the free version of this software and then decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

Bugs are as following:

  • The software is prone to crashing and sometimes doesn’t work properly.
  • Data recovery sometimes becomes a difficult process and some people have reported that it has been unsuccessful in their case.
  • It is also stated that every data is not recoverable and sometimes you can get photos recovered in a lower resolution than the original picture.
  • Sometimes, it happens that people pay money to recover a particular file and are emotionally invested in it, but except for that file all other files get recovered and that becomes a major reason behind their dissatisfaction with the software.

5. Conclusion (Dr Fone Data Recovery Android Review)

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Some problems are reported by some of the users while using this software, but there are good reviews too. All the amazing features discussed in the article works for many and this software proves to be a very useful one. If you have lost your data, it is something that will come to your immediate help.

It is very safe to use and is one of the best software in the market. So, all in all, a highly recommended software for data recovery.

 I have tried to collect the majority of the details in this Dr Fone Data Recovery Android Review with minute screening from different sources and also putting in forth genuine information from the original website.

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