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Can Police Track VPN

Can Police Track Vpn

The most important thing you have to understand is what kind of activities you are doing online. Can Police Track VPN is a sensible question because many people just think that ones are connected to the VPN, they cannot be tracked? I am very happy to give my honest feedback on this question. It is your intention that can give you trouble. It is advised not to even think about any illegal activities online. The reason for that is you will get trap and that will spoil your whole life with just one wrong action. 

If you just want to hide your identity and you want to surf the internet anonymously and want to keep your browsing history hidden then VPN is a great option for you.

If you use VPN then that means you are safe from all the searches you did on it and also you will be anonymous on the internet but if you do any serious crime then you will have to pay for it. It is always advised to use a VPN when doing any kind of online activity.

Now the question comes Whether Can Police Track VPN or not? If you have come here I know you want to dig deeper into it. I will explain everything to you that will eventually solve all your doubts.

How Can Police Track Vpn?

Can Police Track Vpn

Let’s try to understand this. When you use the internet you get an IP address that has been provided to you by your ISP provider. Now the question comes? Whether you have your own specific IP address or all the IP address will be the same for all those ISP providers.

IP addresses are assignable, with leasing time. One can request a static IP from an ISP. If they have it, they will charge a fee. So yes, IP address is unique to every device on your local network. But you and your neighbor can have the same IP address while chatting outside on the lawn. Because your neighbor is connected to his device using something called a local IP address say, and you can be also There won’t be any conflict because your modems or gateway to the internet have different IP addresses.

Just know Public IP, all the ones being used by websites, and ISP to connect to one another, IP used by government, etc… Private IP, used by you and everyone who ever bought a router. Also, cellphones use local IP created by your Cell Co. Private IP cannot see the web, no device on the web would respond directly to a private IP. The are local-loop IP, 127.x.x.x will not go to the router, even if directly connect, it is used for diagnosis and other purposes within the computer or device. 

If you use a VPN your ISP provider knows which server you are connected to. In this way, they will get the information about your VPN server and they can ask all the details but it is not easy as you read this. There are strict protocols that have to follow for this to happen. Let us take a scenario to understand this in detail.

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Can Police Track VPN

It is a fact that if the police get the authority then they can surely contact the VPN service provider and get all the details of any user. Just think for a second why any country will bother to reveal all the secrets for a different country. For instance, the server that you are using is situated in the United States, and the case comes from Asia, so why will they bother to reveal any details to them. If the case will be serious then also it will take months because of all the bureaucracy.

VPN logs (Can Police Track VPN?)

If you are connected to any free VPN, in this case, VPN keeps all your log information that means which website you visited all the things that you looked on the internet. It will be a matter of days, months, or maybe years until they get orders from an authority, and then only any VPN service provider will give your detail. You will definitely be in trouble if you do any serious crime.

Let us see some of the more ways by which Can Police Track VPN.

Cookies (Can Police Track VPN)

This might happened with you when you purchase anything from amazon, the next time you visit amazon it will recommend products that are similar to your previously purchased products. What does this mean? Most of the websites use cookies. They ask you to accept cookies. When you accept that, few files will be stored on your browser. They can track you from all over the internet.

DNS Leaking

A DNS leak refers to a security flaw that allows DNS requests to be revealed to ISP DNS servers, despite the use of a VPN service to attempt to conceal them. Although primarily of concern to VPN users, it is also possible to prevent it from proxy and direct internet users.

Source: Wikepedia

As you have read sometimes you often do a mistake while connecting to a VPN server that will lead to knowing your ISP about your visited sites and eventually you will get tracked.

Can Police Track Vpn

Vpn Payment

Most of us when we do any online payment we use our credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, Stripe, or any kind of online mode payment option. When you make an online payment this will be in your bank payment history. By just going through payment details then can easily detect which VPN servers you are connected to.

If you are doing serious crime then definitely you will be tracked whether you use a VPN or maybe some other kind of hidden masks to hide. 


The short answer to this question Can Police Track VPN is yes but police has to follow protocols. You should know that technology beats technology. Every single day the things are getting advanced and there are many professional and experienced cybersecurity experts who are skilled enough to solve such cases. 

Using a VPN is not illegal until your country has prohibited it. VPN is very important when you use the internet as there are hackers who can steal your information and can give you trouble. It is better to use the best of the best VPNs to protect your privacy and takes measures when you are doing any kind of online activity. 

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