9 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android

Spying may be unethical for some people. There are situations where spying is to be done for the goodwill of people. Parents need to monitor children’s mobiles to ensure that they are no misusing it. You can also spy on your spouse. Similar in the case of company devices the authority may need to check the allotted company phones are not misused and they are always looking for Best hidden Spy Apps For Android.

Since spying became a need several spy apps have released. These apps work on a stealth mode in the target device and give data. Since there are also free spy apps available in the market. Many apps are available but we need to find the best ones among them. In this article, I have given the review of the Best hidden Spy Apps For Android.

NB:- Spying is unethical and these apps are developed for fair usage only. If you use it for personal benefits and illegal activities it will be punishable under the law.

10 Best hidden Spy Apps For Android


Best hidden Spy Apps For Android

Mspy is one of the Best hidden Spy Apps For Android. After installing the application on the targeted device you can monitor it remotely. The installation is pretty simple. Mspy works in background mode i.e app is not visible in the targeted device. The cost is minimal it costs less than 1$ per day. All data is encrypted and there is no possible occurrence of a data breach. Data from the targeted device is updated in every 5 minutes.

What you can monitor?

  • Call logs
  • Text messages
  • GPS tracking
  • Web history
  • Online messengers
  • Social media
  • Media files

2.Spyic ( Best hidden Spy Apps For Android )

Best hidden Spy Apps For Android

Spyic is one of the Best hidden Spy Apps For Android. The user interface and design are pretty simple and friendly. Keylogger of Spyic is a great feature it records every keystroke by the target giving us information about what they intend to do and his interests.

If you concern about the spectated person may change sim Spyic will you alert you that the targets sim card had been changed. We can check targets Whatsapp. Facebook, Viber, and many other social media platforms. When it comes to messenger Spyic extracts all the messages sent and received. You can also peek into media files in the targeted device.

You can keep track of your target using the location features in Spyic. Browser history can also be monitored. The app will work without root privilege. The app is available on both android and IOS platforms.

Spyic offers three different plans to its users and you can choose the one according to your needs. The basic plan costs about $39.99 per month, the premium will cost you $49.99, and the family pack for $69.99.

3.iKeymonitor ( Best hidden Spy Apps For Android )

Best hidden Spy Apps For Android

Spying is possible at every extend using iKeymonitor. This spy app has many amazing spying capabilities. The installation is similar to every spy app. The app gives us much advanced features even without rooting the targeted devices.

The advanced features include access to cameras, app screenshots, keystroke detection, etc. You can even record the surrounding sounds like conversations, sounds near the target smartphone are captured.

The app works in stealth mode. The target won’t be knowing he is being monitored. The best part is iKeymonitor offers a free plan with limited features. Also, we can enjoy a 3 day trial of this app with all premium features, so we can decide whether the app is worthy or not. iKeyMonitor has 2 different plans which the user can go for. One is the Free plan which means you need not spend a single penny to use the app. The second one is the Paid plan which you get for $29.16/month, with access to all the exclusive features.

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Best hidden Spy Apps For Android

Undoubtedly Xnspy is one of the Best hidden Spy Apps For Android. The app is available on both android and IOS platforms. We can remotely access target data. Alike every spy apps listed above we can monitor browsing history, Call logs, photos, contacts, etc. All these features make Xnspy the Best hidden Spy Apps For Android.

There are two types of paid plans of Xnspy namely basic and premium. The basic plan has several limitations when compared to the premium plan. Long term plans are much cheaper compared to short term plans. A month of Xnspy’s basic plan will cost you $4.99/month, whereas, a year will cost $99 or $8.33/month.


Best hidden Spy Apps For Android

Cocospy is an android spy application. The app works in stealth mode, i.e it will be undetectable to the target.The app is very lightweight and it won’t dink up battery. Cocospy has wide user community and is the spy app choice for many across the globe.

With Cocospy you can monitor call logs, social media communications, GPS location, and browser history. The best part is the app doesn’t need root privilege to work. Setting up and using the app is pretty simple. Cococspy is ideal for beginners because of its easy to use nature.

Cocospy has a wide variety of spy features. Keylogger in the app will help us to extract passwords of the target and we can easily get access to their social media accounts. You can uninstall the app from the target device remotely using the control panel. The app can be set up within 5 minutes and there is a guarantee that it won drink up targets battery and make a suspicion.

So similar to other spy apps listed Cocospy is also a great spy app and ideal for beginners. This app is effective in tracking all the necessary data. The app is also available for the IOS platform. You can enroll for a demo before investing in Cocospy.

There are different plans of Cocospy. The basic plans cost around 39.99$ a month and it has limited features compared to the premium plan. If you want long time plan choosing the premium plan will be great because 12 months premium plan only costs 119.99$ i.e only 9.99$ per month. There is also a family plan which enables us to monitor 3 devices while other plans only entitle us to monitor only 1 device. There is a huge difference between 1-month membership price and 1-year membership price in every plan.


Best hidden Spy Apps For Android

Undoubtedly FlexiSPY is also the Best hidden Spy Apps For Android. The app has many advanced features even when the phone isn’t rooted. We can record the calls of the target and peek into photos and videos stored on the device. The app enables us to listen to the surrounding sounds of target device.

The other features include monitoring call logs, spying social media. SIM card change information and at last key-loggers too. You can surf recently used/installed applications on the target device.
We can record the surrounding sound as well as videos with remotely accessing the camera. The key-logger is the backbone feature of this app, it is able to record every keystroke. The app also works on rooted phones and it has several advanced spy options on a rooted device.

With root access you have an EXTREME plan, you can easily spy on someone’s phone in plenty of other ways. Along with the cellular calls and messages, you also get access to VoIP calls and messages sent on social media. Including the call logs and recordings from Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Skype, and Viber.

It has three different plans. The LITE plan costs you $29.95 per month, PREMIUM plan costs you $68 per month, and EXTREME plan costs you $199 for 3 months. If you pay for 3 months or 12 months in one go while choosing the PREMIUM plan, you can save a lot of money.


Best hidden Spy Apps For Android

Spyera is also one of the Best hidden Spy Apps For Android. It has a wide variety of platform support. It can be used in phones, laptops, computers, and laptops. We can remotely access and spy using a computer or mobile phone. Spyera is a lightweight spy app. The complete installation of this app can be done within minutes.

Similar to every spy apps functioning we can record victim’s calls, access their camera, and peek into their photos and videos as well. Realtime GPS location tracking is also possible. We can also spy on SMS, emails, and even deleted messages can be seen. we can track visited websites and installed apps.

Spyera has a keylogger function that extracts all keystrokes by the victim. The best part is phones can be bought with Spyera preinstalled which makes tracking your employee or your child without any hustle. Spyera can be remotely uninstalled using the control panel.


 Best hidden Spy Apps For Android

Mobistelath is one of the Best hidden Spy Apps For Android to rely upon. Mobisealth has clean UI which is easy o navigate. You can spy effectively using this app in every detail. The app is easy to setup. It will only take a couple of minutes to set up this app.

The best part is Mobistealth has 15 days money back policy, i.e If you are not satisfied with the app within 15 days after purchase you can contact customer care and your money will be refunded. The app has wide platform support. It works on android phones and iPhones/Ipads. It will also work on all windows and Mac computers.

Like every spy app, we can remotely spy SMS, call logs, and almost all chat messengers running on the mobile. Realtime GPS backing is easily possible using this application. Mobistealth lets you bug any environment by recording surrounding sounds near the target device and we can listen to them according to our convenience. We can also record calls on targets device. The two exclusive features listed above only works on android devices.

We can easily peek into media files and look at what the target is surfing. All these features makes Mobistealth to stand out of the crowd and a reliable source to monitor your child or employee. Mobistealth has different types of pricing plans according to platforms and you can enroll for demo version before investing in it.

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Best hidden Spy Apps For Android

Spy human is undoubtedly one of the best android spy apps. This app helps you to monitor call logs, recordings, and social media. The app works in stealth mode. You will need root access to extract Facebook and Whatsapp messages.

The basic version of the app which is free to download and use doesn’t perform some functions which becomes a major drawback. You can enroll for 7 day trial with all premium features and enjoy the application. The app is lightweight and has a neat user interface.

Setting up this app will only take a couple of minutes. The premium plan for this app will cost 9.99$ a month which is quite reasonable. You can enroll for 7 days trial plan which includes all premium features.


So through continuous analysis, I have listed Best hidden Spy Apps For Android When it comes to Spying it’s non-ethical when used for personal benefits/illegal purposes. Make sure that you use these spy apps in a proper and legal manner. Before choosing a spy app most of the spy apps gives trial plan, So make sure to enroll for the trial version and think whether to invest upon it.

Do not invest on spy apps from untrusted sources, because they may help you to spy, but your data will be at stake. Since several spy apps don’t require root access to work it is better to choose them because rooting is a complex method and not ideal for beginners. We should also consider the spy app won’t drink up much battery if it happens so it will be easily noticeable which defies the complete purpose of surveillance. To start monitoring your child or your employees these apps will definitely help.

If you have any queries regarding any app. Please comment below and we will give you a reply within 24 hours. We will be more pleased to see your reviews. We give our best to bring factual information.

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