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Best Games so far!

Thank you to the technology that’s changing every now and then and because of that people are getting more inclined towards the gaming world. As we all know there is a huge revolution in the gaming industry and the reason for this is better performing PCs, especially to mobile phones which are updating with time. 

Gaming is on-trend and many people play games on Mobile, PC, XBOX & PS. In this comprehensive article, we have listed below the best games. Without wasting your time further let us go through the best games so far.

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

This game is the best game so far in history. PUBG is an online battle royal game developed by PUBG Corporation and produced by Chang-Han Kim directed by Brendan Greene & Tae-Seok Jang. The game was officially released for PC(₹999)– December 20, 2017, PS4(₹2128)– December 7, 2018, Android & iOS– March 19, 2018, Xbox One(₹1,277) – September 4, 2018.There are 100 players from the world that can play at the same time. You can team up with your buddies in Squad and Duo. There are 4 maps till now ERANGLE, MIRAMAR, VIKENDI, SANHOK in CLASSIC and there is also an ARCADE MODE – Quick Match, Sniper Training, War & EvoGround MODE– Arena training, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Ruins, RearGear TDM, Payload, Zombie mode many other modes and map are coming soon. This is the best game so far which is every youngster’s choice.

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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)

GTA Series is the best game series for many years. This game won many hearts. GTA V which is launched on PC(₹1,049), PS3(₹1919), PS4(₹1,648), Xbox One(₹1,423), Xbox 360(₹1638)  on September 17, 2017. which is developed by Rockstar North, Published by Rockstar Games. This is an open-world game. In this game, you can do anything which we do in our daily life. There is an enormously interesting mission. This is an upgraded version of GTA IV. The graphics of the game are excellent and which makes the game more interesting & realistic.

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3. Fortnite

 Fortnite is a battle royale online game published by EPIC GAMES & WARNER BROS. INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT and The game was officially released for PC(₹1,749), PS4(₹1,970), Nintendo Switch(₹3,480),  Xbox One(₹2,821), Android & iOS(Free) on December 6, 2018. It is much similar to PUBG but in this, there is a theme of a cartoon that makes it different from PUBG. In this, there are 3 modes accessible.

Fortnite: Save the World, ii. Fortnite: Battle Royal, iii. Fortnite: Creative. The bad thing about this game on mobile is the update which is too large but the graphics of the game are very high.

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4. Apex legends

It is a battle royal game. The game is for all those who love to play together with your friend since you can team up with your 3 men squad. The graphics of the game are excellent. It was only launched on PC(₹1,499), PS4(₹999), XBOX ONE(₹999) but it also comes on Android & iOS This is a much-awaited game by gamers to come on their  Android & iOS device. The PC gamerscore is 93/100. Season 4 is running which is also known as meltdown Assimilation. There is a  unique character who arrives named Revenant and a new weapon has arrived called sentinel.This is one of the best games that you will love to play.

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5. Call of duty: Modern Warfare

It is an FPP shooting game and also 16 Call of duty series game and it is developed by Infinity ward & published by Activision released on 25 Oct 2019 on PC(₹4272), PS4(₹3204), Xbox One(₹3204). In this game, there are Ops features like the campaign’s story and also for the first time cross-platform multiplayer is given. In the series, the game supports 64 players in the Ground war mode The graphics of the game are very high and realistic. This is one of the best Games that has achieved Critics Awards for the best online multiplayer games winner. It is a great game that cannot be left without playing.

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6. Resident Evil 2

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It is one of the best games and horror games lovers will love it. This is a game developed and published by CAPCOM. The game was first launched in 1998 and now with a new version of it with more realistic graphics. This game is officially released on 25 Jan 2019 on PS4(₹1,779) Xbox One(₹2205), Windows(₹2,999). In this game, there are two characters which the player can choose. The first is Leon Scott Kennedy and second, is Claire Redfield and with the use of this character, you are supposed to escape from Raccoon City during the Zombie apocalypse. It is the third person shooting game if you have ever played Resident Evil 4 then you can not miss this best games for you in our list

7. FIFA 20

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It is a simulation football game published by EA sport and developed by EA Vancouver & EA Romania and released on 27 Sep 2019 on PS4(₹2,492), Xbox One(₹2630), Windows(₹2,999) & Nintendo Switch(₹3,119). The gameplay and the graphics of the game are too good and it has a multiplayer option so you can play this with your friends as well. there is a career mode which is very awesome in this there are almost 88 icon player and 90 stadiums from 14 Countries and also there are 30 official leagues,17,000 player and over 700 clubs are available

8. Devil May Cry 5

It is an action deck game published & developed by CAPCOM and released on 8 Mar 2019 for PS4(₹1,751), Windows(₹2,999) Xbox One(₹2,420). It is the fifth series of DEVIL MAY CRY. The game was launched 5 years later since Devil May Cry 4 was released. There are 3 warrior characters named Dante, Nero, and a new cast named V. The character has the roleplay to stop the demon king Urizen who destroys the human being. This game is full of enthusiasm which you can play and share with your companions too.

9. Far Cry New Dawn

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It is an FPP game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft released on 15 Feb 2019, for PS4(₹1,705), Xbox(₹2,207) and Windows(₹2,249). It is the sequel of Far Cry 5 and it is an open-world game. The story continues after 17 year and the world changes after a nuclear bomb falls and new things came. This makes the best game listed more interesting. The hope county survivors make their new world but highwaymen name robbery gang make a threat for hope town people but the knave of Far Cry 5 is in a positive character this time     

10. The Surge 2

It is an action role-playing published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Deck13 interactive it officially released on 24 Sep 2019 for PS4(₹2,777), Windows(₹1,799) and Xbox One(₹2,760) It is the third person game. The campaign of the game is 24hrs. The graphics of the game are ordinary but in combat time the graphics of the game are thrilling and the lighting of the game is not ample but there is news of updating this game soon with some more innovations. You can also upgrade your armor by which the healing power of your character is more solid but the unfortunate news is that there is no mini-map so this will make this game more difficult. 

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So these were the best games so far. Hope no fan gets offended, it’s just a un-bias review.

If you have any queries regarding any game. Please comment and we will give you a reply within 24 hours. Don’t forget to share with your friends and tell them to read and give us a review of the best games so far. We will be more pleasant to see your reviews. We give our best to bring factual information. There was a lot of debate between our experts before bringing this comprehensive article.
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